greek and roman history

Greek and Roman cultures share a number of similarities due to the Romans conquering many of the territories previously occupied by the Greeks. However, they also have a variety of difference setting them apart from one another. These similarities and differences extend into their works of art, early forms of governing, education, heroism of military leaders, philosophical and religious beliefs, social structures, and even their literary works, as well as, geographical terrain, economics and trade practices, warfare, imperial expansion, and architecture/monument achievements. When you are conducting your research there may be instance where early Greek and Roman culture were more alike while later Greek and Roman cultures greatly differed. Please note if a particular aspects being compared was in the early or late stages of the cultures development.

Using the provided Word Document to compare (find similar) and contrast (find different) distinguishing elements or features of the Greek and Roman cultures. For each line on the table, indicate, whether you are listing a similarity or a difference. If desired, include illustrative and significant examples of the various features similar and different about each culture. Please fill in all 10 lines within the table, each row will expand as you type in your information.

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