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Guided Response:


Respond to the fellow students’ posts in a substantive manner. Some ways to do this include the following, though you may choose a different approach, providing your response is substantive:

Agree or disagree with your classmate’s position. Defend your position by using information from the week’s readings or examples from current events.



1.Analysis approach

Grounded theory is an approach for qualitative researchers that results in a grounded theory. When using this approach the focus is on theory generation—that’s to say the construction of a theory from the data. “Grounded theory is one that is discovered, developed, and provisionally verified through systematic data collection and analysis of data” (Landrum, 2014).

Grounded Theory

It has always been a belief that two people working the same job will be paid differently based on their gender. The grounded theory based on the information provided in the census is as follows; males working the same job get paid on average more than females. A grounded theory is formulated only after having analyzed the data.


The United State Census Bureau performed a 12 month median earnings based on sex and provided the estimates for the years of 2008 2012. In many cases not only did males make more money, doing the same profession as their female counterparts, but they made twice as much. Social services and cleaning / maintenance occupations were the only two professions where woman made more money than men (Occupation by Sex, 2012). After having analyzed the median earnings of both men and woman of over twenty different professions it is safe to say that men do in fact make more money than woman when performing the same job.



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Qualitative Analysis technique

                The Grounded Theory Approach is an inductive method where a theory is generated from data, rather than creating a theory and then backing it up with data (Landrum, 2014).  The process involves collecting the data and getting into the data in order to develop a theory (Landrum, 2014).  The four most important characteristics of the Grounded theory are fit, understanding, generality and control (Landrum, 2014).   

Census Data

                The Data I selected is from the United States Census Bureau Quick facts. The average commute time for people residing in California is 27.1 minutes, versus 25.4 minutes for the average in all US states.

Analysis Results

Research Question: Why is the average commute for someone residing in California longer than in other states?

Hypothesis: The average commute is longer for Californians because the average income level is higher and there are a higher percentage of high school graduates. Because education rates and income levels are higher, there tends to be better jobs available which people are willing to commute longer for.

In this example, I developed a theory based upon the data that was in existence. The results are in alignment with the characteristics of the Grounded Theory Approach.



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The location is a fabric department of a well known retail chain from 12:30 12:45 pm. I observed customers as they browsed the department and looked at the various fabric choices. The purpose was to observe the differences between the ages in a fabric department. It was busy and within 15 minutes more than twenty people came and went.


The question I wanted to answer was, “Is there a difference in the type of fabric people look at and buy based on their age?”


Individuals with children would stop and look at the children’s fabric. Pregnant woman almost always bought fleece, which I can assume is for the purpose of making baby blankets. Older woman primarily bought quilting fabrics and or flannel. Woman between the ages of 25 and 35 bought more apparel fabric than anything else. And teenagers mainly looked at and purchased tulle. There are variations to this but what I just mentioned was the norm during the observation.


Age does have an effect on what fabrics a person looks at when in a fabric store. It almost shows what stage of life each person is in. The teens are buying stuff to make tutus for home coming and proms, woman expecting a child will buy fabrics to make baby blankets, woman who already have children will buy fabric to make them cloths, and older woman will buy fabric to make quilts. 


4.Observational Studies

                Observational studies occur when the researcher does not interact with the environment, but instead merely observes it (Landrum, 2014). The goal of this type of qualitative research is to understand human behavior holistically (Landrum, 2014). Validity and reliability come into question with observational research as it may seem biased (Landrum, 2014). Also, these types of observations are difficult to replicate. It is important for researchers to remain objective during the observation process (Landrum, 2014).


Last night I went to a young adult (ages 20 30) Bible study that met in a home along the bay with around fifty people. It started at 7pm.


The first half hour of the Bible study consisted of time for everyone to mingle and chat. I observed and wanted to answer the question, “How many people came alone to the study?”


Only seven people I witnessed came to the Bible Study alone. I wanted to answer this question because I contemplated coming to the group by myself but asked my friend to join me because I did not know it would be considered socially acceptable or if I would feel uncomfortable. From the seven people that came by themselves, they each found someone to talk to almost instantly. Four people that came with others stood by themselves during this time and did not socialize. I learned that the people that came by themselves almost had an easier time socializing because they did not have to worry about staying with whoever they came with.



Landrum, R. E. (2014). Research methods for business: Tools and applications. SanDiego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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