Gun Control as a Social Problem Discussion




The purpose of this assignment is for you to conduct some basic visual sociology research. Your topic should be a social problem you want to investigate and illustrate.

You will write a 3-4 page summary of recent academic scholarship on your topic using at a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. Your summary needs to have the following 4 distinct sections (with section titles): Problem Statement, Consequences, Origins, Remedies.

Your summary needs to address the following questions:

Problem Statement

  • What is the problem and why is this considered a social problem?


  • What are the consequences of this social problem?


  • What creates this social problem?


  • What remedies have been suggested to resolve this social problem

The paper is to be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font (or Calibri 11 point), double spaced, numbered, with 1” margins, and in ASA or APA format. Also, please include your name in the header or footer next to the page number. Partial pages and odd spacing will not count towards your page minimum. Please also see the document and videos regarding what counts as a scholarly source.

so my social problem i have selected is Gun control and below are the references and you can more scholarly references if you want.


Gun control is one of the biggest social problems of an American Society. The most mass shooting in the world is in America but after so many mass shootings why the country is still having a problem on Gun Control. I want to investigate this problem and find out why America still cannot put a restriction on the Gun. And my resources are below:


1 Roleff, Tamara L Contributor. Gun Control. 2007. Opposing Viewpoints Ser. Gun Control. Web.

2. The Lancet. “Gun Deaths and the Gun Control Debate in the USA.” The Lancet 390.10105 (2017): 1812. Web.

3. Devi, Sharmila. “The Long Road to Gun Control in America.” The Lancet 388.10041 (2016): 224-25.


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