Health Education of Patient and Family Discussion




Comment this:

Health education of patient and family by the nurse is imperative in supporting patient independence and decreasing in the rate of readmission. The health education revolves around topics such as risk factors, medications, compliance, life style modification and diet. These helps the patient prevent and or identify symptoms hence enabling efficient and timely intervention before worsening of condition thus ensuring the patient’s quick recovery hence supporting independence and reduced hospitalizations (Brennan et al., 2010).

The second resource is symptom monitoring which is first done by the nurse and then by the patient as a result of ample health education and return demonstration. This promotes patient independence thus leaving the option of hospitalization to a minimum; only when condition warrants it (Brennan et al., 2010).

Thirdly, is the maintenance of close communication with health care providers. Advances in technology and increased use of the Internet by lay people make technology-based interventional research a viable option that is currently embraced and is aimed at increasing patient self-management skills hence improving quality of life and avoiding emergent hospitalizations possible (Brennan et al., 2010).


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