Health Risk Essay




Pick one of the following to write about. Instructions for each paper are listed below.

1.Family Paper: MLA or APA Style:

Write an essay paper evaluating your family and own health habits.You will explore the risk factors and provide strategies for change that will enhance your own well-being.

The following four areas should be addressed in the essay paper:

1. Your Family Health History (include parents, grandparents and great grandparents). You will make a list from your Moms and Dads side of family, each health risk. Look at current health issues and ones that someone has died from.

2. Write a summary of #1. What did you find when doing research on your parents/grandparents, great grandparent? Is there anything that was shocking to see or find out?

3. Summary of your own Health.Since the day you were born to the present day.Talking about what your general health has been like.

4. Identify One Health Risk (one health issue that affects your health currently) and develop a plan to change that Health Risk.

2. Movie Response: MLA or APA Style.

Pick a Movie you have not seen before from the Pages Icon and one that you have not done in a previous Participation Assignment. Write 2 to 3 pages in length response including your reactions, personal feelings, statistics, scenes, and how it relates to this class. Please make sure assignment is written in size 12 font, double spaced, and is free of misspelled words. If you have seen all the movies listed, please email the teacher if you think of a movie that you have not seen for approval.

Movie that you can watch are… Make sure you watch the whole movie. They may be in several parts.

1. An Inconvenient Truth, 2. Critical Condition: Americas Obesity Crisis, 3. Heart Disease,

4. Patch Adams, 5. I Am Legend, 6. Outbreak, 7. Contagion, 8. World War Z, 9. Super Size Me, 10. The Host, 11. 28 Days Later, 12. 12 Monkeys, 13. And the Band Played On, 14. The Stand.

3. PowerPoint Presentation:

Design/create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation on one of the chapters from the book.  You must have at least 15 slides (including Title page).The slides can contain but are not limited to……….

A. Title page

B. Key terms/Vocabulary

C. Pictures

D. Graphs

E. Video/Music

F. Fonts/Colors

**You will submit assignment in a PPT or a link (Prezi) for this assignment.

4.Reflection Paper:

Please make sure assignment is written in size 12 font, double spaced, and is free of misspelled words. Write a 2 to 3 page response based on your class experience. Here are possible questions to answer: Write about what expectations you had before class started, did the class meet those expectations, is there a chapter you enjoyed reading more than the others, is the class helpful, will you continue to use some of the things you learned in class in personal life, or will the class change anything in your life. Was there any assignment that you did not like or understand?


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