help please

I have an assignment, from a subject called Intercultural Awerness. The assignment is to write about Brazil’s advertising and culture. During the semester we were analyzing cultures through different aspects. 1 was Geert Hofstedes dimensions, 2 Fons Trompenaars dimensions and 3 Edward T. Hall’s cultural dimension. So my assignment has to look at advertisment through these dimension. It has to be both on paper and powerpoint slides. For example – given the historical and political aspects of Brazil –consider the athletes chosen for the ads – do we have achievment or ascription?. Was the content nuetral or affective (body language, expressions, tone, tempo etc)…high or low context. When you look at some of the other ads what is your impression about “time” mon/polyochronic etc. Please use the DAE model/DMIS/Stereo type etc
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