henry 3 page memo homeland security

Homeland Security

Deliverable Length: Individual 3 pages (a 3 page memo)

You are on a team of law enforcement specialists working for the Department of Homeland Security. You have been asked to provide an in service training to a local law enforcement agency for a large city.

Choose one of the following topics:

Federal Statutes that can be used to address terrorist financing


Asset forfeiture as a tool in combating terrorist financing

Research the topic.

Submit a 3 page memo on the chosen subject, including:

1.       An overview of the current laws relating to your topic

2.       Examples of the federal statutes in action, or asset forfeiture to combat terrorist financing in action

3.       Your discussion what works well or what needs to be improved with our current federal statutes, or asset forfeiture processes.

4.       Ways in which local law enforcement can work with the federal government to effectively combat terrorist financing.

5.       Discuss any other issues you find relevant to this case.

Must have at least 2 reliable references with website.  Important to have in text citations, also.

Must be in APA format

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