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The World War II was caused by several reasons. However, the Great Depression caused the start of it all. As the American stock market collapsed, it pulled out its investments in Europe. A lot of Europeans went unemployed and homeless and they were suffering from industrial decline. The political tension was increasing between Spain and France because of these problems. Then, on September 1939, the World War II started. It started when France and Britain declared war over Germany, after Germany invaded Poland. Following the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler gained his power. This treaty was done in order for the Germans not to start a war all over again. Germany had to take the blame of starting the WWI. They should also pay for damages amounting to 6,600 as well as abide by certain conditions like of the military as well as land would be taken from them. This was not a happy negotiation for the Germans. This was when Hitler went into power when the Germans voted for him as he promised the Germans to trash the said treaty. The United States was not a participant yet of this war during the time. They do not want anything to do with it since it has so little cause for them. They intended to stay apart and passed the Neutrality Acts in 1935 to 1937. These said acts imposed restrictions on shipments of war items. The Americans were also not permitted to travel aboard belligerent vessels and no participants of war are allowed to loan from the United States. During the 1940, Roosevelt introduced the Lend Lease Act. This act allowed Roosevelt to provide aid to which he sees fit. Now, here breaks the neutrality of the United States. The United States aided Britain and France with weapons that amounted to 42 billion. The US issued the Atlantic Charger and built its base situated in Greenland. The US and Great Britain went on a joint declaration regarding war’s purposes opposing tyranny. U boats attacks commenced the battle of the Atlantic. The United States entered the war when Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor. During that time, in 1939, President Roosevelt called off its trading with Japan on iron and gasoline. These items were very much needed by Japan to pursue war with China. And on the 7th of December in 1941, all the assets of the Japanese in the United States were frozen. Here, it ignited the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. This bombing killed 2,000 people and sank and destroyed eight of America’s battleships. Now, Americans were officially in the war and fought against the Pacific and Europe. (Overview of WWII,2012).


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