HN 502 CU Multiculturalism and Diversity in Human Services Discussion




When responding to posts of other learners, please ensure that those responses are substantive. Add to the discussion, offer examples, rather than posting an “I agree” statement. Tell why you agree. Augment your thinking to the critical level. Ask any questions that will help you better understand each post. Make suggestions that will provide food for thought.

Answer to student post down below:

According to Harley-McClaskey, Human Services and its future are based on the evident forms of leadership available to guide the services provided by the service groups. In general, human services are governed by the availability of the factors that lead to the levels of humanity. On the other hand, according to Halverson and Tirmizi, leadership has been one of the prime focuses of the evidence of proper implementation of human services.

Therefore, the basic difference in this context is that she establishes the fact that the development of human services is not justified and evident unless the proper form of leadership is evident. On the other hand, the general view states the human services may be developed as a result of the normal availability of resources (Harley-McClaskey). This states that human services are not effective unless leadership is implemented to control the use of the resources made available to them.

The basic similarity lies in the fact that both these theories are based on the development of society as a whole (Halverson and Tirmizi). Both theories rely on the availability of resources for the establishment of human services. Both theories rely on the availability of the workforce for control. Therefore, in this case, the development of human services is based on two aspects. The primary aspect has been the availability of the resources for the better development of human services. The secondary aspect focuses on the utilization of intellect and workforce to provide evidence of developed human services in society.

The availability of resources includes increasing the flexibility in using various type of technology, is available more now. Globalization and information technology have become very important. I strongly believe that every organization’s leadership should prepare for the future role in the management of people, to benefit from information technology. Moreover, leaders should be training their team in utilizing information in decision making for anything related to their role within the organization. Besides, due to the high demand and abilities to utilize technology, every human service professional can meet their goal to empower individuals within the society to meet their needs.


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