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Develop a brief (four to six page) analysis of a contemporary issue that stems from the classic debate between the needs of Homeland Security and individual privacy expectations. The paper should conform to the style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition.









Attention to instructions and assignment

Follows and exceeds expectations noted in instructions

Follows instructions

Follows some but not all instructions

Gestures toward instructions, but demonstrates little comprehension or competency

Disregards instructions


Creative thought/analysis

Demonstrates a high degree of originality, insight, and/or analysis

Shows some originality, insight, and/or analysis

Shows minimally acceptable originality, insight, and/or analysis

Demonstrates very little creative thought or insight; consists mostly of second hand ideas

Shows no original thought; all second hand ideas


Adherence to APA style (6th edition)

No APA style errors

No more than three APA style errors

Four or five APA style errors

Six or more APA style errors

No attempt at APA style


Development and support

Thoroughly and insightfully explores, explains, and supports each idea

Develops and supports key points

Does not consistently develop and support ideas

Inadequately or ineffectively explains and defends ideas

Makes no meaningful attempt to explain or support ideas


Use of sources, including appropriate guidelines

Demonstrates comprehension of all source material; integrates sources appropriately and effectively

Most source material is appropriate, but some is not fully explained or integrated into the paper

Source material is not consistently appropriate or integrated into the paper

Source material is rarely appropriate and/or rarely integrated into the paper

No source material used


Clarity, including grammar

Difficult material is made clear and presented in academic language

Most ideas are presented clearly, but sometimes too simplistically

Wordy; some points require rereading to understand fully

Unclear and difficult to understand

Extremely difficult to comprehend

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