homeland security crisis management planning db4



Continue with the scenario that used in the individual project for this Unit, in wich you, as a County EM planner, have selected a plan for the team to focus upon for testing, evaluating, and revising. To prepare for engaging in this discussion board, you should review the HSEEP, and any other resources you choose, to understand the fundamentals of capabilities based planning, exercising, and program management.

Assignment Guidelines

  • In 4–5 paragraphs, address the following:
    • The HSEEP discusses a number of types of capabilities throughout its chapters and volumes. (These are not captured in one specific area within the materials.) Describe and provide specific examples for capabilities that prevent, protect against, and recover from and mitigate effects of the threats, hazards, or challenges associated with your selected plan.
    • Consider this example, using a plan that you were unable to choose: natural disasters, tornado preparedness, and capabilities to prevent. It is not possible prevent a tornado, but it is potentially possible to prevent loss of lives. Capabilities might include acquiring a siren system, educating the public about its signals, routinely testing it, incorporating physical evacuation drills, promoting and aiding citizens in establishing safe rooms or cellars to evacuate to, publishing steps to achieve personal resiliency, and more.
      • Name and describe three significant threats, hazards, or challenges that are associated with your selected plan.
      • For each of these three, describe specific examples of those capabilities that aid to prevent, protect against, recover from, and mitigate the effects of these elements.
      • What types of training exercises do you think would be most appropriate for these planning operations? Explain in detail.


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