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FROM LAST ASSIGNMENT: Stakeholder Engagement and Roles in Strategic Planning

Stakeholders can have a powerful impact on organizational decision making and strategic planning, making stakeholder engagement essential. As a leader and manager of an organization, you will not only be tasked with building relationships and engaging key stakeholders, but also identifying their role in the strategic planning process. In this Discussion, you examine stakeholder engagement and the role of stakeholders in strategic planning.



To stretch the discussion this week and as related to being a positive strategic thinker and one who takes challenges and turns them into opportunities how might you frame your discussion within one of these concepts be that Sustainable Leadership, the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) or Appreciative Inquiry (AI).




Respond the two authors (L. Bennet & D. Cotton) by providing feedback on their surveys. Are the questions clear? Are the response categories appropriate? Are there more appropriate ways to design some of the questions? If so, what are they? Offer advice and feedback to your colleagues.

Author: D. Cotton



1.      What is your ethnicity?


A.    Caucasian


B.     African American


C.     Latino/Hispanic


D.    Other


2.      What is your gender?




3.      When were you in Foster Care? years months


4.      Do you feel as if you received the best possible service in Foster Care? Y/N


5.      What was your household annual income prior to Foster Care?


6.      What were your responsibilities in the group home?


7.      Did you complete your tasks?


8.      Why/Why not?


9.      What were the consequences?


10.  What do you feel could have been done differently by staff to produce a better result?


The following survey asks various questions in an effort to improve the outcome of services within the foster care system Chris Kids, Inc. is a non profit organization that provides services for individuals aging out of foster care. Public administrators need to maintain a steady stream of feedback in order to find out what matters to citizens, clients, customers, and employees (Johnson 2014 pg.242.)




Johnson, G. (2014). Research methods for public administrators (3rd ed.). Armonk, NY: M. E.            Sharpe.


Author: L. Bennett

What factors have led to a decrease in recycling by members of the city of Wilmington, Delaware?




1. How long has your family engaged in recycling?


A.   Greater than 10 years


B.   5 – 10 years


C.   2 – 5 years


D.   Less than 2 years




2. How is your recycling removed from your home?


A.   I drop it off a the recycle center


B.   It is picked up a refuse company


C.   I take it to a local store to recycle


D.   I do not recycle




3. If you no longer recycle what is the primary reason?


A.   Have heard that it only goes to the landfill anyway


B.   Too much hassle


C.   No access to the proper tools


D.   Pick up not consistent




Rate the following 5 is very knowledgeable and 1 is not knowledgeable:




4. How knowledgeable are you on what is recyclable (i.e. types of plastics, paper, wood, etc)


            5                      4                                  3                                  2                      1




5. I am aware of how to prepare material for pick up


            5                      4                                  3                                  2                      1






6. I am aware of the recycle pick up in my community.


            5                      4                                  3                                  2                      1






7. How do you feel recycling could be improved in your area?




8. What general area of Wilmington do you reside?


A. North


B. South


C. East


D. West




9. Number of members in your household?


            A. 1


            B. 2 – 3


            C. 4 – 5         


            D. greater than 6




10. Household income?


A.   less than $50,000


B.    $51,000 $100,000


C.    $101,000 $150, 000


D.   greater than $151,000



The research question seeks to unmask the reasons for the decrease in recycling. The survey provided looks poses questions that help determined general demographics of the survey participants and seeks to uncover what is impacting recycling in Wilmington. As recommended by Johnson (2014) the survey should be concise and not take a great deal of time to complete (p. 142).  Johnson (2014) raises to critical points on data collection, first the survey needs to be pretested before being administered to the public (p. 142) and the method of conducting the survey can greatly impact the response rate (p. 129)






Johnson, G. (2014). Research methods for public administrators (3rd e

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