How to describe an art

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describing art

400 700 words (not including references)
Details: This assignment has two parts.

  1. Look up and list two or more definitions of the word art from different reliable sources on the Internet. Be sure to properly quote and cite these definitions. See the “Resource Links” (in Course Materials for this unit) for useful sites.
  2. Then search the Internet and find one specific example of each of the eight types of the list below. Your examples should be by established artists and/or from museum collections online. Submit a description of the below list and an explanation of why the example you provide exemplifies the definition(s) of the word art. Use your critical thinking to evaluate this question for each example. References should include the URL for each example:
    • Painting

    • Sculpture

    • Architecture

    • Photography

    • Printmaking

    • Conceptual

    • Installation Art

    • Performance

You are required to comply with APA style format for quotations, internal citations and a reference list. For additional information and resources on APA, visit the APA section of the Library, available under “Library Features.”

When searching the Internet for addition resources, use reliable/credible sites. Begin with sites suggested in the Course Materials Reference List for each unit. Retail sites and Wikipedia are not considered reliable resources. All writing must be in your own words. Do not cut and paste information from Web sites.

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