Human Capital Performance Evaluation, management homework help





  1. Navigate to the threaded discussion below and respond to the following:
    1. Human Capital Performance Evaluation: Explain the significance of the human capital performance matrix for evaluating human-capital performance.
    2. 200-300 words for the below
    3. Human Capital Performance Matrix:
      1. Complete the worksheet, Human Capital  Performance Matrix, by placing one HR metric in each of the template cells, as shown in the Chapter 4 Figure 4.4 example of the textbook.  Include the five indices for establishing the matrix metrics: cost, time, quantity, error, and reaction.
      2. In Figure 4.3, Fitz-enz (2009) has identified four key HR functions of acquiring, supporting, developing, and retaining.  They are shown across the top of the matrix.  For this assignment, select four core HR functions from among a number that are available (e.g., recruiting, selecting, supporting, retaining, talent management, training and development, compensation, and employee relations) to insert in the top cells in the downloaded matrix.  You may follow Fitz-enz’s (2009) example, or mix/match the four core HR functions that are especially relevant to your organization or to an organization that you are familiar with.  Type one HR function in each of the four cells across the first row of the matrix.
      3. Complete the worksheet, Human Capital Performance Matrix, by placing one HR metric in each of the template cells, as shown in the Figure 4.4 example in Chapter 4.
      4. Make your case for why you selected the four core HR functions (i.e., their relevance to your organization) and why you chose particular metrics to use in monitoring, measuring, and reporting change.
      5. Attach a copy of your accurately completed human capital performance matrix.



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