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each questions needs to be at least 250 words. APA format. NO COVER PAGE NEEDED.



1.       Discuss the impact of social media in Stage One and Stage Two of crisis reporting. What are some key issues to be aware of and what steps should an organization take with regard to social media during these first two stages of crisis reporting?




2.       Describe how the spotlight is shining squarely on the incident in Stage One. What are the key characteristics of this stage, and how are they manifested in both the traditional, mainstream, and social media? Include two recent examples to illustrate your response.




3.       Describe the media focus during Stage Two of crisis reporting. What actions should organizational leaders take during Stage Two to ensure correct and accurate information is being communicated to the public?




4.       Find an example from the media (either mainstream or social) of the “ST factor”. Post the link, or text, in your assessment question response and discuss the impact of the “ST factor” in your chosen scenario. Was it simply a novelty factor or did the use of “ST” impact the prominence of the story?


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