I.P.Unit 2

This paper 3-5 pages APA format ..Abstract, introduction,summary conclusion, in text citation 4, reference 4 … Running head and pages numbered.


Select one of the following category of theories that attempts to explain why people use drugs as solutions to their mental, emotional, and physical problem.







Research your selected category of theories, and select 2 of the major theories within that category. Address the



What 2 theories did you select? Briefly identify and describe them.

For each theory, answer the following question:

      How does this theory explain drug use and abuse? Explain in detail.

       Does this theory support a strong relationship between drug use and crime? Explain detail.

Find 2 acticles about individuals charged with a crime while under the influence of illicit substance. Answer the following question.

         Briefly descibe the individual, the offense,and the drugs used.

         How much influence did drugs appear to have on the individual with regard to committing the crime? Explain.

Do the case found in your selected articles support your selected theories? Why or  why not? Explain.


Base on your research, what is the relationship between drugs and crime? Explain. 




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