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In an organization the people have different kinds of opinions and thoughts. If people with thoughts work together there is a high chance of arising conflicts and differences between them. It is in the hands of the team how they are going to manage the conflict and make the best out of it in order to make advantage with that. The team members put the blame on someone, give a solution for the conflict, and by following certain techniques like negotiating will resolve. We can say that conflict is not a bad gesture. A conflict arises when all the team members participate in the task in order to get the good result of the task. This mainly happens in the teams because team members have different viewpoints, different skill set, different opinions.

A conflict can be resolved by firstly acknowledging it than trying to resolve. If any conflict arises it need to be discussed in the team with the team members and one the team is aware of that then its the time to start the solution for it. The team must discuss about how it’s going to impact the whole team when any conflict arises. All the team members who are in the team must cooperatively be involved in order to resolve the conflict. One must put their ideas behind and thrive to resolve the conflict in order to get the best for the team. All the members must be open to communicate and also listen to the other people’s argument and try to solve the issue (Kjell, 2017).

Creativity is a very important feature for the team in order to perform the task. Each person has different kinds of imagination levels. When different imaginative brains work together, the product is very worthy. For some kind of employees if the manager rejects anything which they say then they no longer finds interest in imaginative thinking. So even if the employee says anything wrong the manager must pick the good point in what he said and appreciate them. By doing this they will be encouraged and interested to share their thoughts in the future. When the team in common grounds like same age, same generation then they share a lot of similar ideas among them and generates the creativity in the team (Nan Hu, 2017).

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