IBM Watson Analytics

The Use Cases of IBM Watson Analytics Summary

IBM Watson Analytics is located in the United States. Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis and visualization service that can be used to discover patterns and meaning in data. According to the Video, Watson helps to make good business decisions. Watson helps to improve different fields such as security, education, transport, and health. Watson is an AI, cognitive and transformative industry. Watson has provided people with employment through their different clients. The health system has been impacted by Watson innovations where patients acquire formal healthcare assistance online. Watson interacts with a wide range of consumers in helping them make better decisions, answering questions, shopping, insurance, weather, government services, government plans, education choices, learning program for teachers, and many others.

The IBM Watson envisions the world with the use of a human resource and a machine. In Watson, data is the most fundamental thing to everyone and all businesses. Watson is made up of partnership and not an individual enterprise to be embedded in the various areas. Watson is focused on the intellectual cloud and the whole ecosystem health. Financial services are part of the Watson and have a branch company that has invested in financial risks and management skills. The world with Watson comprises of cognitive abilities that bring high competitive advantages in companies. Moreover, Watson helps companies to scale in expertise by offering training programs to enhance performance. Moreover, it motivates creativity in cooking, designing, building, farming and learning in class. Operations in the companies are being impacted by Watson in areas such as fleet and prediction management. Discovery and research are being influenced by Watson cognitive abilities in areas such as medicine.

In future transportation, vehicles will be influenced by technology to help human mobility. The electrification in the car has grown from one innovation to another. The innovation in the vehicles has become affordable because the government has supported the ideas. Moreover, the envisioned autonomous vehicle helps people to do various things has they are being driven from point A to point B. The innovation in the vehicles has benefit people’s lives by creating more time to perform other duties while driving. The General Motors have been working to innovate vehicles that present freedom. The motorist companies solve the problem in the societies caused by motor vehicles such as air pollution and accidents. The car innovation will be a help to saving time by having customization of different application such as event reminders and activity alarms.

In education, Watson recognizes that science and technology are required in every career. The US Secretary of Education illustrates that IBM has been useful in the progress of education. The IBM helps students to connect what they are doing today with their future career. The innovations and inclusion of IBM in the schools have attracted business to collaborate with schools to motivate them in understanding the actual world. IBM mentors have been included in schools to help students define their future careers. Watson helps to better- match the online teaching materials that matches the needs of the students. Technology increases teachers’ knowledge on methods of teachings. For example, in cases of English learner students that might be challenging to teachers. The technology will create equal opportunity for every child.

Watson has been embedded in the healthcare industry. Dr. Petersburg illustrates the several uses of IBM Watson in healthcare industry especially in pharmaceutical. Generic Pharmaceutical is a hybrid company that offers the best medicine production. The healthcare industry has two pressures, which includes the finances and reaching the patients. The healthcare should be convenient, affordable, transparent, and adjusted to patients’ needs. The technology will be effective in providing virtual services to patients. The technology will bridge the gap between different industries that can work together in enabling quality healthcare. Technology creates several opportunities and challenges. However, IBM Watson has collaborated with the pharmaceutical companies to create solutions to challenges brought by other Internet-based information on health. The IBM Watson will provide official and relevant information that patients need. It will eliminate contradictions from the diverse information found on the internet where Watson will offer relevance in grouping the data accordingly.

The technology has helped the pharmaceutical companies to collect data and turn it into assets. The IBM Watson contributes to reaching more people than before. Technology contributes to providing information to patients on how to manage chronic diseases such as Asthma by the collaborating with Watson where they help to classify data to meet customer needs. Watson helps to present the large data pertaining all aspects of chronic illness that the company will leverage in aiding patients to manage their conditions. This technology will save time, money, and increase patient’s ability to live productively.

In cancer treatment, IBM Watson analytics has helped in managing patients’ data. IBM Watson helps cancer treatment centers to understand the mutation of cells better by bringing diverse researches together. It aids in understand the formation and treatment of cancer from the huge data. Watson helps the cancer research center to manage individual patients’ data that helps in observing their progress. Watson has helped the center to find quick results from diagnosis procedures of the patients from the systematic recorded data. IBM Watson helps doctors to analyze data and make appropriate decisions in therapy administration efficiently.


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