Incoterm HW


Using your knowledge of Incoterms, please identify the correct Incoterm (e.g. FOB, CIF, FCA) for each scenario. Also, give reasons for why you select the appropriate incoterm for each scenario. Your answer must be on one page minimum, accurate, and 100% original.


1. A transaction wherein an American seller is to transport the goods by sea from the port of Oakland, California to Vancouver, Canada and the Canadian buyer’s ole obligations are to arrange for import clearance and purchase insurance against loss from the moment the goods cross the ship’s rail.

2. A transaction wherein a Greek buyer seeks to impose all obligations on the French seller, including export clearance, the cost of insurance, transportation of the goods by sea from Marseille, France, and import clearance at Piraeus, Greece, the port of destination.

3. A transaction wherein an American seller is to deliver the goods on board a ship in New York and arrange for export clearance for ultimate shipment to Rio de Janeiro with the Brazilian buyer responsible for contracting with the carrier, the cost of obtaining insurance and obtaining import clearance.

4. A transaction wherein a Dutch seller wishes to limit its obligations to notification of the American buyer that the goods are available for pickup at the seller’s warehouse in Antwerp, Netherlands.


5. A transaction wherein a Mexican seller is to contract for motor carriage of the goods, deliver the goods to another motor carrier for transport across the U.S. boarder, pay unloading and loading costs, arrange for export clearance and obtain insurance on the U.S. buyer’s behalf for final delivery to Phoenix, Arizona. 

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