Informative Speech Discussion




Reflections on Informative Speech


Please re-watch your Informative Speech from last week (if you presented during Keiser Live, please watch the posted replay). Answer the following questions in relation to your speech in a short paragraph for each question, meeting ALL the requirements identified below:

  1. Identify three non-verbal delivery techniques that were used effectively in your speech, and explain how they were effective.
  2. Identify three verbal delivery techniques that were used effectively in your speech, and explain how they were effective.
  3. Was your speech free of vocalized pauses (i.e., um, uh, like, you know) ? How can you improve this area?
  4. In evaluating your speech from a content standpoint, identify and explain how your content was both effective and memorable.eviewing a Persuasive SpeechCOLLAPSE

    You have a choice of 3 Persuasive Speeches to watch (please see your Week 3 Lesson Folder for the videos). Please select only ONE speech to view and complete the following after you watch the entire speech. For EACH question below, you are to respond with at least 1 paragraph EACH, and you must follow ALL the requirements below:

    1. Complete the required rubric for this speech (no need to submit the rubric) and discuss your grading in a paragraph form with rationale for the grade you gave.
    2. What are two strengths of this speaker? Identify and explain.
    3. What are two areas this speaker can improve? Identify and explain. (Please do not say the speech was perfect or had no areas for improvement; you are to analyze your chosen speech critically, demonstrating your understanding of public speaking theory)

    Main posts are due by Thursday at midnight.REQUIREMENTS: (Failure to meet these requirements completely and correctly will result in your post being disqualified from grade)

    1. Properly formatted APA citations and references of credible sources are required for all discussion board responses to support your opinion/analysis of the speech; do NOT just cite and reference the speech, but cite and reference experts who substantiate your analysis of the speech;
    2. Strong grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics;
    3. Answer each question in order, reading the question carefully, and responding only to the question completely.


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