int marketing comparison pricing strategies

Read the following article: ARTICLE PASTED BELOW

  • Baye, M. R., Gatti, J., Rupert J., Kattuman, P., & Morgan, J. (2007). A dashboard for online pricing, California Management Review, 50(1), 202–216. (AN 27337872).

Write an article review answering the following questions:

  • What are the main ideas of the article?
  • Based on your own knowledge, experience, and readings, do you agree or disagree with the ideas in the article? Explain.
  • How will you apply the ideas in this article to your course project?



A Dashboard for Online Pricing

Abstract (summary)


One primary difference between the online marketplace and the high street is the quality of information about product characteristics and prices that are available to all consumers and retailers. Successful online retailers exploit this rich information through innovative dynamic pricing strategies. This article identifies important considerations for devising online pricing strategies. It presents five case studies that illustrate how these strategies have been applied by successful online retailers and discusses complementary practices in innovative management and data analysis. We present a “Dashboard” of market specific information that will help managers identify and respond to opportunities and threats arising in the online marketplace. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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