International Business Communications 2IP

  • Search the Web for 1 job posting or advertisement from 4 different multinational corporations. You must choose a posting at a corporation in each of the following countries:
    • United Arab Emirates
    • China
    • Israel
    • Mexico
  • The 3 job postings selected must satisfy the following requirement:
    • Each posting must be for a similar position.
      • For example, job openings for an accountant, a secretary, and a director of marketing will not be accepted.
      • It would be acceptable to choose, for example, a director of marketing position from each of the 3 corporations
  • Once you have found the 3 job postings that meet all of the requirements above, you are to apply for each one.
  • Prepare 1 of the following for each job posting as if you were submitting a real application:
    • An e-mail with a statement of interest (150 words)
    • A cover letter (500 words)
    • A resume (250 words)
  • Provide the link to each job posting.

NOTE: Be aware of the guidelines for writing international letters in English and the different formats used in each country.

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