pitch letter

Additionally you should write a one-page pitch letter. The pitch letter is a primary method of pitching a story to readers (news agencies, organizations, and such). It can be used to pitch a story, suggest an idea for a talk show segment, secure an interview, position a person or organization for future comment, explain why a press kit or release should be looked at, and more. For this assignment, it should be a general pitch that talks about what the company(AT&T) is doing for the environment. 

The company that this letter needs to be about is AT&T.

Here are some guidelines for the pitch letter: 

  1. The pitch letter needs an attention-getting lead.
    1. The lead is a make-or-break part of the pitch.
    2. It may use a little known or interesting fact to catch attention.
    3. Double entendres work well.
    4. The letter begin with a question.
    5. You can use intrigue/suspense in some way.
    6. The lead may be direct and straightforward.
  2. Establish your credibility.
  3. Describe support materials available and suggest additional sources.
    1. Again, this saves time and effort on the part of the reader(s).
    2. Supporting material may provide additional information or alert the 
    3. media to the availability of additional materials, such as B-roll video, 
    4. audio, photos, and more.
  4. Conclude specifying the next step.
  5. Inform the reader you will be following up
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