Linear equations

In 2007 there were 740 students enrolled in an online training program, and in 2010 there were 998 students enrolled in the program. Let y be enrollment in the year x, where x=0 represents the year 2007.


(a)    Which of the following linear equations could be used to predict the enrollment y in a given year x, where x=0 represents the year 2007? Explain/show work.


A.      y=258x + 224

B.      y=258x + 740

C.      y=86x + 740

D.      y=86x + 998

(b)   Use the equation from part (a) to predict the enrollment for the year 2014. Show work.

(c)    Fill in the blanks to interpret the slope of the equation: The rate of change of enrollment with respect to time is _________________ per ___________________. (include units of measurement).

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