International Students and Bilingual Education Question




Investigative Assignment #4 – Learn about perspectives on bilingual education (Week 8)

Part A – Talk to three people about their thoughts on bilingual education.

Describe some of the issues that we have talked about in class and then ask their perspective on those issues. You decide what issues to discuss with people.  Consider asking them what they know about bilingual education, if they have personal experiences with bilingual education, and their views on the benefits or downsides to bilingual education. Also consider asking them what has influenced their perspective on bilingual education (e.g., family, peers, personal experiences, media, etc.), and if their perspective has changed over time.

Part B – Submit on Canvas via Turnitin Saturday, May 21 by 11:59PM

In approximately 4-5 double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins, answer the following. You must use the following format.

Section #1 – In approximately 1 ½ -2 pages, describe who you talked to (no names, use friend, co-worker, mother, cousin, husband, partner, etc.), then summarize your conversation with each person.

Section #2 – In 1 ½ -2 pages, use your interviews and one reading from week 8 to discuss what you learned about perceptions of bilingual education. You must refer to specific points in Sections #1 in your discussion. You must refer to specific points regarding the main research results discussed in the reading. Think about any connections between the reading and the interviews. Think about whether or not the interviews seem similar or contradictory. Feel free to use week 8 lecture material, but this does not replace the reading.


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