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This paper is worth 100 points. The paper must be 3 5 pages in length and must be typed, double spaced with 12 point font and APA style. * The paper must have in text citations in addition to a works cited page. Whenever you use material that is not your own, even if you are summarizing or paraphrasing, you must give credit to the original source. To not do so is plagiarism and any paper without in text citations will receive any of the following outcomes: 0 for the paper, failing the class or dismissal from the university.I suggest you cite your sources every few sentences as a general rule of thumb. This paper asks you to use information from the text and information from online or other sources. I expect to see frequent citations from the text and your additional sources. Please don’t give me paragraphs of quotes from the text. Use quotes when there is simply no other way to put the information into your own words. Otherwise, put what you’ve read into your own words (paraphrasing) and cite it. It shows me that you understand the material and have thought about it. I encourage all students to utilize the Post Writing Center for assistance with APA style papers. APA papers can be tricky at first and the Writing Center can help!I expect college level writing. Please edit your papers several times before submitting them. Make sure you have complete sentences, proper punctuation, paragraphs with clear transitions and few spelling errors.Paper topic: Read Chapter 4 in your text (An Introduction to Human Services 7th edition by Woodside and McClam) and answer the following questions in the form of a paper:Ø Select a problem that you know is currently receiving the attention of the helping professions. Discuss how each model from Chapter 4 (Medical Model, Public Health Model and Human Services Model) might approach the problem.Ø What seems to be the strengths and the weaknesses of each model in addressing the problem you chose? Be sure to clearly cite material from the text and support your assertions with evidence (i.e. explain your reasoning).Ø In addition, discuss two resources (typically in the form of human services organizations) available to address the problem you selected. For example, if you discussed alcoholism, you might select AA and a community rehabilitation program as your resources. The resources can be online resources so long as they are credible organizations (not blogs or Wikipedia type information).Ø Answer the following questions about your two resources:What are the purpose, goals, and mission of the Human Services organization you selected? How is the organization trying to make changes to what it identifies as key issues? What will the organization need to do in order to effectively make these changes/address these issues?

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