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You are preparing the project budget and schedule for review with your manager. Next week’s meeting will focus on the budget and schedule for the marketing campaign deliverables of the project. 

Individual deliverable – continue work on the project plan by documenting the budget cost components for the marketing related deliverables. Identify and describe the items that will be included in the budget and how those items will be tracked. Refer to PM BOK and the Web resources for details on what to include. Please add your file. 

Individually, continue work on the project plan by developing the work breakdown structure for the marketing related deliverables. For each deliverable, list the following:

  • Activities that must be completed.
  • Order in which they must be completed.
  • Dependencies between activities.
  • Considerations for duration.
  • Considerations for assigning resources to the activity.

Identify any milestones and describe your rationale for why they are milestones. Refer to PM BOK and the Web resources for definitions and additional details. The result should be a list in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Project. Please add your file.

Group deliverable – go to the Small Group Discussion Board and evaluate each other’s responses:

  • Are all probable deliverables identified?
  • Are activities organized coherently?
  • Is the level of detail appropriate in the work breakdown structure? Are tasks too granular? Too broad? Can tasks be assigned to people clearly?
  • Are dependencies correct? Do they make sense? Are they simple or complicated?
  • Are milestones identified? Do they make sense?
  • Are the cost components in the budget clearly defined? Is the list comprehensive?
  • Is the decision to track internal vs. external costs logical and cohesive?

Finally, compile the final project budget and work breakdown structure as a group based on the evaluations. Submit the results as your final group deliverable.

Please add your file.


Assignment Objectives



Analyze various organizational systems, and determine how to integrate project management processes into various existing corporate structures.

Construct a project plan (based upon the core planning processes) that is focused on customer needs, that effectively balances project and organizational objectives with stakeholder satisfaction, and that addresses the nine project management processes areas.

Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

Discuss the opportunities provided by technology for businesses.

Use effective communication techniques.

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