Joliet Junior College Metacognition Discussion




23. Research indicates that learners typically receive little formal instruction in the use of study strategies. Why is this the case? Are study strategies best taught within the context of a particular content area, such as history, or are they better taught “context-free?” Why do you think so?

reply 1:

4. Define metacognition, and explain how it can influence learning.

Metacognition is “cognition about cognition”, “thinking about thinking”,”knowing about knowing”, becoming “aware of one’s awareness” and higher-order thinking skills. It also is awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.How metacognition can influence learning is the act of thinking about their thinking helps them make greater sense of their life experiences and start achieving at higher levels. Metacognition is very important in my opinion in the classroom to help students be able to expand their minds and to fully get a better understanding while using time to thoroughly think about different subjects in the classroom

reply 2:

The increasing use of computers and technology in the future may allow younger children to increase their memory traces. Technology is so popular in schools today, there is no telling how technology will be in schools five years from now. It will for sure increase, but how advanced will it be? Technology allows us to grasp any information we need, quickly, using the internet. One of the bad things about the internet is that a lot of the information we find is not correct. If used correctly, it can be powerful for eduction. I had the opportunity to work in a kindergarten classroom, and the kids were using computers better than I did when I was in grade school. It just goes to show how appealing it is especially for younger ages. It helps increase their memory at a younger age, thus showing improvement through the use of technology and computers.


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