juvenile delinquency paper 1

INSTRUCTION paper will be required to review current literature or discuss current advances and provide an analysis of, or position in support of or against, a particular idea/concept/finding. The paper must demonstrate the writing ability to use concise thinking and logical reasoning in support of a particular position held. The paper must be a minimum of five (5) to a maximum of seven (7) of seven pages in length. It should be double spaced with 1” margins on quality 8.5 by 11 paper. the paper should have a title page, running head, abstract page, page numbers, a reference page, sub-headings, and graphs/charts. The American Sociological Association (ASA) style guide is a useful guide in formatting the paper. use several sources outside.

Juvenile justice topics from ONE which you can choose are listed below:

  • Causes of Delinquency (A comparison of at least 2 theoretical perspectives)
  • The influence of the internet, music and/or video on delinquency
  • Juvenile courts vs. adult courts (philosophy and pros/cons)
  • Institutionalization vs. community based treatment (philosophy and pros/cons)
  • Drug use and delinquency
  • Prevention of delinquency (an analysis of several delinquency prevention programs – pros/cons)
  • Juvenile gangs (a comparison of at least 2 gangs and their impact on delinquency/crime)
  • Child abuse and delinquency
  • The media’s influence on delinquency
  • The Abolishment of the juvenile justice system (pros/cons)
  • A reference page must be attached to the outline.
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