KIN 4333 University of North Carolina Organization Situation Analysis




the situation analysis will be based off of the content of the first assignment which will be attached.

  • Part I should conduct a SWOT analysis of      the examined organization and describe it in detail.
  • Part II should describe the competitors within      the respective market.
  • Part III should describe the target      markets.

The Guidelines

  • The SWOT analysis should be a comprehensive examination of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the examined organization. Strengths and weaknesses are internal forces within the organizational environment; while opportunities and threats are external forces impacting the organization.  Consequently, when assessing the opportunities and threats, consideration must be given industrial trends. The SWOT analysis, therefore, should indicate an understanding of the respective market.
  • Description of the competitors’ section should first identify the aggregate sales for the respective market. Then, a brief description of the major and minor competitors should be given according to their niche or specialization; follow-by, a description of the outlook for the respective industry.  This component will likely require library research.
  • The final part should describe the target market. This should describe demographic information such as age, gender and income levels of the target consumers. Additionally, the lifestyle and interests of those individuals should be described. This component will also likely require library research.
  • Please note that examples of a SWOT analysis, description of competitors and description of the target market are included in Handout


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