lasa 2 strategic plan managing people performance


Strategic Plan:


For this assignment, you will need to choose a company that you have familiarity with or knowledge of their corporate structure and strategies. You may choose to use a current or former employer as the basis for this assignment.


    1. Develop a strategic plan for your chosen company based on their corporate mission and objectives.  Follow the six step plan/process for strategic planning as outlined in the textbook in the chapter titled, “Planning and Strategic Management.” Take each step and describe how you will apply it to your chosen organization’s situation.

      1. Situational analysis
      2. Alternative goals and plans 
      3. Goal and plan evaluation
      4. Goal and plan selection
      5. Implementation
      6. Monitor and control

    1. Synthesize these steps and explain how your plan will help the organization achieve its goals.

    1. Describe how the plan benefits the organization in its overall strategic planning process.

  1. Create at least one graphical chart which visually illustrates your strategic plan.

Your plan should be in the form of a professional 6 8 page paper.  Provide a title page, introduction summarizing the details of the organization and the scenario, each of the 4 required elements above, a conclusion and reference page. Use at least three outside resources in preparing your plan, one of which should be your text book.



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