LCC Globalization and Human Capital Development Discussion

Question Description

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This week’s readings and discussion focus on issues surrounding human capital development in a globalized world. The two readings you have for this week focus first on how best to model/conceptually understand lifelong learning as a means of enhancing individual and societal development (this is the article by Regmi) and second on how increasing human capital specific to women in a developing economy affects overall development (this is the article by Oztunc, Oo, and Serin).

My first question is below:

In the Regmi article we are confronted by two very different conceptual models that aim to understand the noble pursuit of education and learning in a globalized world. I would like for you to discuss two important things you learned or took from the Human Capital Model.

Explain to me and the other students why these things were most important to you. Explain also how these things impact the way you think about lifelong learning now.

My second question is below:

From the Oztunc, Oo and Serin article, we are left facing a rather important fact. Women in the developing world matter and collectively can play a tremendous role in advancing long-term economic development. The authors do a good job of identifying development factors/measures associated with human capital development among women. Using your own sociological imaginations and the knowledge you are armed with from previous readings and discussions, how should developing countries approach the relationship between gender, human capital development and economic development?


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