leadership and fellowship critics

Critique Kelly Ramos’ answer of the following question and add your own analysis/thoughts regarding the question :

In the readings, Kellerman discusses good leadership and bad leadership. For the Unit 5 Discussion, relate the concepts of good and bad leadership. If there is good leadership and bad leadership, is there good followership and bad followership? Based on the readings and personal experience, compose your definition of good followership and bad followership. Examine how your definition relates to leadership.

Below the student answer is also other student critique of Kelly answer (same file). use them as examples

Also attached is the reading material for weak 5.


o Kellerman: Chapters 5-14 and 21-24

Journal Article

o Kellerman, Barbara. (2004). “Leadership Warts and All.” Harvard Business Review 82(1), 40-45. Business Source Premier. EBSCOhost


o Hard Times Lecture

N.B: references from the documents attached where applicable including the textbook mentioned above and add your own if necessary

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