letter to mr robert andrews how i improved the andrews company

Good news, you are being considered for a promotion within the Andrews Company! The position now available is Vice-President of Company Operations for the entire Andrews Company.

Of course, there are others who are also being considered for this promotion, so I need to know a bit about how you improved YOUR branch of the Andrews Company over the past 8 years (rounds).

I want you to write me a letter, yes a letter! In your business letter, I want you to review how you improved the Andrews Company branch you have been managing and why you are a good candidate for this promotion.

You only have ONE CHANCE to write this letter! There are no revisions so you need to give it your best shot. Furthermore, this letter has to be no more than two pages! For this type of assignment, brevity is important because the typical hiring manager in a real company has very limited time to read your letter.

Please consider these items as you write your letter:

  • It is a business letter, so you need to include the proper salutation and so forth. Your MGT 3030 course can help you on this. You did this in your MGT 3030 course.
  • Address your letter to: Mr. Robert Andrews, Vice President – The Andrews Company.
  • The body of the letter is simple – convince me that you are the right person for this promotion. Hint – focus on your results and how you improved the company, particularly in regards to sales, net income, and ROS.
  • Again, there is NO revision possible on this letter. It has to be perfect.
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