locate a juvenile justice corrections or rehabilitation facility within your community if there is not a facility in your local area locate a facility in your state research the mission policy and practices of your chosen facility report the pros an

please make this initial dicussion post but also respond to the peer post below- include in cite qoutes and reference page

Locate a Juvenile Justice corrections or rehabilitation facility within your community. If there is not a facility in your local area, locate a facility in your state. Research the mission, policy, and practices of your chosen facility. Report the pros and cons of the facility and post a brief summary of your findings. Also, discuss the facility’s mission statement as it relates to juvenile corrections. What, if anything, would you change regarding the mission statement you chose?

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the for specific due dates.

respond to this peer post

Eduardo Dominguez Portillo

Mod 3 Locate a Juvenile Justice Facility


The Ramsey County, MN Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) states that their purpose is to “attend to public safety and foster positive youth outcomes that are fair and equitable.” JDAI uses data, collaboration, shared accountability, community engagement, decision-point analysis, and effective alternatives to detention to fit its fair and equitable purpose in the Juvenile Justice System. JDAI note that secure detentions are for those juveniles who are accused of violating laws and those who at risk of re-offending before their next court date and those who fail to appear in courts. JDAI offers guiding principles which reflect collaborative overarching goals and strategies to provide safer communities. The guiding principle states that public safety promotion and reducing juvenile delinquency by developing individual responsibility and accountability is the core of its existence. JDAI strives at its initiative of eliminating bias and ensure equal treatment while in the Juvenile System.

One of the pros of the JDAI is that their guiding principles state that secure detentions are not for all juveniles that break the law, it varies case by case. They offer other alternatives such as staff-secure shelters, diversions, restorative circles, special courts, community-based alternatives, etc.). This means that juveniles are not just “thrown” into detention centers for all violations including minor ones but rather are looked into case by case. This approach may be a good way to potentially prevent overcrowding in detention centers.


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