Major Assignment 1: PLEASE USED ATTACHED Articles

Major Assignment 1 (MA1) is a major paper. That means it begins with a cover page and ends with a reference list. There is no Abstract. The paper has three distinct sections: problem Statement, Purpose Statement and Research Question (RQ). That means each section will have a distinct heading.

Your paper must be organized as follows using the headings that are in red:


  1. The Problem Statement is a total of only 1 to 3 short paragraphs.  I want to emphasize short. I only read 3 paragraphs.  I suggest using one paragraph per study. Some of the samples I provide have 4 paragraphs. I would like only 3 paragraphs.
  2. The Problem Statement is a review of three current research studies ATTACHED. For each of the three studies you will report only specific information in the paragraph. Each paragraph must contain only the following information:
  • The purpose of the study
  • The findings from the study
  • What the researcher explicitly stated needs further study


1.  The Purpose Statement must come from what the researcher (Gyanchandani, 2017)  in the qualitative study you included in the Problem Statement stated needs further study. It is not your opinion of what to study. It comes directly from the qual study in your Problem Statement. We are building on prior research on your topic of interest. If you used more than one qual study then you must select the “gap” that most closely aligns with what you want to study. If a researcher identified several areas that need further study, select one of them.

2.  The Purpose Statement is one of the gaps (explicitly stated need for further study) identified in the qualitative study in the Problem Statement.

3.  State this as your first sentence: The purpose of this study is to … (citation).  You repeat what the researcher said needs further study as the purpose of your study.

4.  The Purpose Statement needs to include the in-text citation where the gap was identified. You do not include what the other researchers stated needs further study. This is only from the qual study you reviewed and what the researcher said needs further study.

5.  Use what the grading rubric also states is needed in this section. This is important.


1.  The RQ has to be written as a qual question. It does not begin with a verb and it does not end in a period. It is an actual question.

  1. The RQ must use the same language from the Purpose Statement.
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