man4337g3 107012019 performance management

For your class project, you will be describing a compensation strategy for an organization you are familiar with; your current job, former job, or your work as a homemaker, stay-at-home mom or dad, or caregiver. You will be pulling together your work in the Project Preps into an essay/organizational document.

Your project should be approximately 1500-2000 words in length and follow APA format. Please submit this project as a Word document uploaded to the Final Course Project link (ABOVE). You will only be able to submit it one time.

Your essay should include:

  • An effective introduction with thesis statement or plan objective
  • A description of your company and its background
  • A strategic map (Week 1 Project Prep) of your company’s compensation strategy using the first 5 decisions contained in the pay model
  • From Week 2 Project Prep, a job description for your chosen position
  • A performance appraisal example (Week 3 Project Prep) with description of methods for effective appraisal and performance interview
  • Conclude your essay with your thoughts on the information you have learned in the class and how you think it will help or hinder you in the future

Grading criteria:

Maximum points will be given to essays that thoroughly cover the criteria set out in the guidelines. Use of concepts learned in the class and outside material will strengthen the essays impact as well. The course Project Preps help you prepare for your class project by introducing you to concepts usable for your essay.

In general:

  • Follow the guidelines provided for the Final Course Project
  • Meet word count requirements
  • Cite and reference any outside sources used in your essay in APA style

Have fun with the assignment. Do your best to apply the concepts learned in the course to your writing.

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