marketing 463 quot designing a billboard quot

Requirements are in the attachments.

Imagine that you are the designer at an advertising agency hired by SIU to design an advertising campaign for the SIU College of Business online undergraduate degree completion program. Your first task is to design a bulletin-sized billboard for placement in Chicago and St. Louis.

Your strategic objective for this campaign is to create AWARENESS of the program and its central benefit to the student who enrolls in the program. It’s your choice of which benefit you focus upon – for example, you could focus on the online/24-hour-a-day convenience of the program, the speed in which you can finish your degree, or the university’s quality and accredited status. As a customer of this program yourself, you should understand the key “selling points” of the program, but for more information take a look at its webpage:

Approved versions of the SIU logo are available here for you to copy and paste into your design:

Use the template provided in the accompanying Excel file to make sure your billboard design has the correct proportions for a 14’ x 48’ bulletin. Be very sure to get the ratios correct by using the full range of the template – failure to do so would cost your client money because your final art would not fit the billboard and would have to be corrected, which is an expensive process. Thus, such a mistake will cost you grade points on this assignment.

Design and produce the billboard “mockup” on either an 8-1/2 x 11 or an 11 x 17 sheet of paper (or its equivalent in a software program such as Word, Powerpoint, or any graphics program that you have access to and feel comfortable using.) Do NOT produce it directly on the template! You may transfer the template dimensions to a clean piece of paper, but use a clean background for your design. Note that you can also “blow up” the template dimensions so that you can produce a larger mockup, simply by enlarging the template on a copier or scanner.

The mockup should be an accurate representation of what you want to be produced, including all colors, choice of typefaces, graphics/photos, logos, size and position of all elements, etc.

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Save your final mockup as a digital file – either a Word, Powerpoint, or Excel file, or as an image file (such as a jpg) or as a PDF. If you produced a physical mockup, just scan or take a very good photograph of it and save that file as a PDF or jpg.

You may propose extensions or other three-dimensional or digital alternatives if they are relevant to your message and creative approach, but don’t feel required to do so. Remember that a creative solution to any advertising challenges must not only demonstrate “out of the box” thinking, but also relevant to the problem at hand. So the key to good outdoor is that it be clear and readable at high speeds and appropriate to the client’s brand image.

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