Marketing Plan For Aha Sparkling Water Discussion

This week, you’ll submit your final marketing plan for the opportunity you proposed in Week 4. Your marketing plan should cover the sections listed below and be written in clear, concise, business writing. Remember, your audience for this paper is the C-Suite of the organization you’re covering. . Include at least two of the following: graphs, tables, and/or charts to clearly and concisely communicate your plan. Photos may be added in addition.

The end result should be approximately 7-10 pages, in 12-pt Arial font, with a professional cover page, outlining a clear plan for developing and launching your product or service. This assignment is 30% of your final grade.

Required Content:

  • Executive Summary
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Product or Service Definition
  • Competitor Research (Revise and update from Week 1 assignment)
  • Positioning Statement for your Product or Service
  • Marketing Segmentation Strategy
  • Marketing Mix Plan
  • Measurement and Analytics Plan–how will you measure the results of your launch?


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