math homework 11641349 2

8. Briefly describe the meaning of key data values given in online quotes for stocks and mutual funds.

48. Compute the current yield on the following bonds:

A $1000 treasury bond with a coupon rate of 2.5% that has a market value of $1050


52. Compute the annual interest that you would earn on the following bonds:

A $1000 Treasury bond with a current yield of 1.5% that is quoted at 98 points.


54. A $10,000 Treasury bond with a current yield of 3.6% that is quoted at 102.5 points.


62. Suppose you want to accumulate $50,000 for a college fund over the next 15 years.  Determine whether the following investment plan will allow you to reach your goal.  Assume that the compounding and payment periods are the same. Explain why or why not

            Problem: You deposit $75 per month into an account with an APR of 7%.



4.A. 4. What is cash flow? Briefly describe your options if you have a negative monthly cash flow, and contrast them with your options if you have a positive monthly cash flow.


*Plus have 24 simple word math problems and equations that I have to email to you to view as well.

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