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MGMT295 Human Resources Management.

u Use an APA formatted header on every page, including the title page.

    A title page with the title, author, class, class section, professor, and  Date should be on the title page, centered on the page.This title page does   not count toward your 2 4 page requirement.

    Margins are 1 inch on all sides.

    All content is double spaced and left justified.

    Indent the first line of every paragraph five spaces or use the TAB key.    Do not leave extra space between paragraphs.

    Use Times New Roman 12 point font.

    An Executive Summary is not required.

    References should be on a separate page at the end of the paper.

Assignment Instructions

Week 2
Read the material at the following websites:
1. Management Diagnosis
2. Management Systems

3. The Mindset of a Problem Finder mindset of a problem finder/
4. Problem Solving Skills

5. Example of Cause and Effect Diagram Broken link, Does not work.
1. Identify the Client
The client can be your own work group or organization, a family business you are involved with, a business you worked for previously, a volunteer organization you work or have worked with, or a public or private company. The client you choose should be a small group or organization where you, as a consultant, can influence change. Please do not select “the military” or “the U.S. government” or “Giant XYZ Corporation.”
2. Identify the Problem
With your knowledge of the client you have identified and the learning you have acquired to this point, identify a management problem you will investigate and for which you will provide recommended solutions. Only write a paper to identify the problem; do NOT try to solve it. This eight week course is based on a systematic process to use strategy to solve the problem you choose, so DON’T get ahead of yourself.
If you are working with a supervisor or manager, you may want to consult with them to complete this step. Some questions you can explore to help you are:

What are the mission, vision, values, and goals of the company/division/workgroup?
In considering the mission, vision, values, and goals, where does progress halt?
Is there data to substantiate this or is it a perception of you and/or the manager?
Who is involved: the manager, the employees, and/or stakeholders?
How long has this problem existed?
What and how are expectations and requirements communicated?
When expectations or key deadlines are missed, what happens?
What factors contribute to the problem (politics, structure, decision making factors, etc.)?
Are technical skills or training contributing to the problem?
Are there ethical issues relating to the problem?
If so, how have those issues been handled to date?

These questions do not all need to be answered, nor is this list all inclusive; they are provided to help you get started and inspire your own questions to explore while completing this assignment.
 Read the material at the following websites:
 1. System Inspection
2. Analysis
3. Introduction to ISD Analysis
4. Needs Assessment
 3.  Conduct Needs Assessment
 Now that you have identified a client and the management problem you will investigate, you will conduct a needs assessment. When conducting a needs assessment, you first identify the “what is” relating to the problem you have chosen to address and contrast that to “what should be.”
Some questions you can explore to help you are:
    What is the problem?
    How does the desired performance relate to the mission statement?
    Is the problem organization wide or isolated to one or a few individuals?
    Have organizational initiatives created the problem?
    Does the problem relate to individual performance issues?
    Is training adequate to support the desired outcome?
    Is the issue related to job design?
    What criteria is used to measure performance?
    Is performance criteria appropriate, i.e. attainable and measurable?

These questions do not all need to be answered, nor is this list all inclusive; they are provided to help you get started and inspire your own questions to explore while completing this assignment.
NOTE: Research is required for this an all of the papers in this class. You must have a minimum of two sources, neither of which can be Wikepedia.
Turn in: Two to five page paper in a word document, attached to this assignment. This is due by midnight on Sunday of Week 2.

Style Guidelines for the paper:


    Use APA style guidelines for all references, both on the reference page and within the document.

Writing Rubric 



To submit your assignment, enter text in the Submission Text box below and/or attach one or more files and then click Submit. Save your work frequently.


Originality of attachments will be verified by, Both you and your instructor will receive the results.

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