modify the article

According to the professor’s evaluation to Modify the paper


Leadership and Change—specifically how SBL and/or TLC impact a leader’s ability to effectively lead change efforts. Include discussion on how the SBL/TLC concepts interact with Kotter’s Change Theory.


good intro and background on your leader. I did not see the heading for the thesis statement so you need to add that please. Also, the background on TLC does not include the information on the LPI (leadership practices inventory assessment) which is the basis of the evidence based framework. I provided links in the topics document so you need to add the research behind the 5 practices to the background section. Definitions are good. Background on Kotter’s theory is brief but ok. You to list and briefly define the 8 steps of change.

The thesis should be specific about TLC and your leader. It should say: In organizations, the interaction with change is inevitable. Jeroen van der Veer successfully implemented key changes at Shell Company through the application of Kotter’s Change Theory and the five practices of exemplary leadership. That is what you are proving–please update your thesis.

Good definitions of Kotter’s steps. You are still missing the research behind LPI. See this website for the reseach:…

Please fix your thesis and add the research for TLC and I will update points. Again, it is important that you get this part correct before you provide your analysis/examples to prove the thesis. Thanks

keep the paper at 15pages or more

book link:



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