Module 09 Travel Project – PowerPoint Presentation

This assignment you get an opportunity to showcase your presentation skills that you have learned to get potential travelers to sign up for a once in a life time vacation. Where are they going? Use the information you gathered in Module 02 to complete the requirements below.


Although you will want to include exciting details, remember to keep your phrases short (approximately 7 words or less for each bullet) and limit the amount of data on each slide (7 bullets per slide).


  1. Create a minimum of 5 slides and a maximum of 8 slides.
  2. Use a variety of slide layouts, pleasing to the eye, easy to read.
  3. Include at least two clip art pieces or photos, one WordArt object, and one Shape.
  4. Add a theme (designed background) with your slides.
  5. Create a title slide that introduces you, your employer (International Travel Company), and your travel destination. Include the dates of the trip (select from either the October or March dates), and the cost of the trip: $3,200 per person. Note that Optional travel insurance may be purchased for $250.
  6. Include a slide that lists the name of the hotel you selected and a few details that will excite travelers about staying at this hotel. If you got this information from the Internet, be sure to use your own words. Copying and pasting is considered plagiarism. Indicate that a 50% down payment is required one month before the vacation begins (you determine the date) and that 50% is due one week before takeoff.
  7. Design one or two slides that list details about the two tourist spots travelers will be visiting. Again, be sure to use your own words.
  8. Make a slide detailing the restaurant you chose for fine dining and a few possible dinner choices, if you have that information. You can make up the menu options.
  9. The last slide of the presentation should motivate potential vacationers to sign up!
  10. Include transitions on each slide.
  11. Create at least one animation.
  12. Check your spelling, proofread, and save the document using the standard online file convention: your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date
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