module 5 discussion 1 sociology

Discussion Question:

You are called in for a job interview at a local diner where you will wait tables for extra cash to help pay your way through college. As you enter the diner, you overhear the manager denying an application to a woman who is considered by society to be overweight. Construct a short impromptu talk that you would have with the manager with regard to this situation.


Race, ethnicity, and the stratification that results from them — factors about health, employment, income, residence, and happiness — are of the most interest to sociologists around the world. The process of racial and ethnic stratification, along with prejudice and discrimination, and various patterns of relationships among groups are discussed in this module.

Also covered in this module are the inequalities based on gender, as well as in class, race, and ethnicity that has resulted in segregation in residence, education, employment, and other areas of life. Gender stratification differs from other systems of stratification due to females and males working, living, attending school, and interacting together.


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