my topic is hypertension high blood pressure

My topic is hypertension (High blood pressure)

Write about 100-150 words on what this articles say about hypertension (High blood pressure)

See example below

Kitt, Jamie., Fox, Rachael. , Tucker, Katherine L., McManus, Richard. (2019). New Approaches

in Hypertension Management: A Review of Current and Developing Technologies and Their Potential Impact on Hypertension Care.…

This reference provides substantial information of the treatment options for hypertension. This includes nutritional, naturalistic, and pharmaceutical, and therapy related options to treat hypertension.

The article discusses the high incidence and prevalence of hypertension. It reviews current approaches, as well as developing technologies used in early detection, prevention, treatment and management of hypertension. Acknowledging the importance and use of traditional cuffed methods of screening, this article also advocates for the adoption of new technologies (such as smart devices) in the clinical screening for hypertension.

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