narrative or cause effect

subjects for paper will be assigned from the text,from selected newspaper or other periodical articles, or from other sources including art,film,and theater. you are writing a descriptive essay of two pages in length with at least one reference and write two pages.Hi again Comp I students:

First, so that most of you can relax, the first
paper will be due one week later than the date
stated on the syllabus (unless, of course, you want
to submit it then). That will give me time to review
what you saw and heard tonight in the library and to
show how you can tie their resources to those in the
books on reservation and still write mostly your own


There seems to be a problem for some folks to get
started, and to tie a descriptive essay together on
an issue or controversy. So here I go, free writing
again, and hopefully coming up with exactly five
hundred words. Actually, I didn?t until I started
the edit process. But now it has 500 along with all
five senses covered.

And although this isn?t, don?t forget you have to
double space!

Also, a caution. The internet is full of descriptive
essay samples, some free, some at a cost. Look at
them for ideas, but keep in mind the rules around
plagiarism and if you can locate them, so can I.

And very, very few, if any, relate to the topics in
Current Issues and Enduring Questions and the
upcoming Senate or Presidential race. But the
following sample (mine) does!

Instead of writing about something I had first hand
knowledge about, I imagined what it might be like.
And hopefully left an image with the last four

Without further adieu, here?s my descriptive essay
(and yes, it does incorporate another form or two of
other type essays that you will be writing
remember, I said that?s ok since it is very hard to
avoid doing so. And yes, it is persuasive in nature,
without being an argument).
And please notice how I work in the reference to
Current Issues and Enduring Questions.


Have you ever wondered what it was like to be
racially profiled? It is not pleasant, whether you
are an African American, Hispanic, Oriental, old,
young, and especially a young white female.

According to Current Issues & enduring Questions,
Martin Luther King, Jr. would be 75 times more
likely to be stopped by the police while driving
than Charles Manson (Page No.). So why would you
fear being pulled over to show your identification
while driving through some states? According to
Issues and Controversies (Page No.), immigrants are
at great risk!

Imagine. Driving along, you notice the black and
white behind you. You laugh why would the police
follow you?

Suddenly, the blue flashing lights blind you in your
rear view mirrors. Although at first the sound of
the siren is muted, as the cruiser gets closer and
closer it sounds more and more like a pack of
screeching banshees a message from the underworld!

You know you have been driving under the speed
limit, haven?t crossed any solid lines, or ignored
any traffic signals. But the sweat on your face has
found its way into your mouth and you can taste the
salty fluid giving relief to your dry, parched

You pull over. The cruiser turns on its floodlights,
blinding you again. You feel like a criminal. But
you haven?t done anything wrong.

You lower your window. The officer again blinds you
with his or her flashlight. You can?t tell ? you
can?t see. But you can smell the officer. Not body
order, but the distinct smell of garlic breath as
you are asked for your license and registration. His
voice sounds very militaristic. Yet you nervously
laugh to yourself as you think that perhaps this
person dined at your favorite Italian restaurant.

Reaching for the license and registration, your
fingers have gone numb. Fumbling around in the glove
compartment, you prick a finger on the edge of the
screwdriver you keep at the bottom, and you let out
a low cry while you quickly pull your hand out.

Bad mistake on your part.

This is the first time you?ve ever had both hands on
the steering wheel with your head pressed against
it. He then orders you out of the car and asks you
to spread your legs and lean against the front
fender and proceeds to body search you, touching
parts usually reserved for your significant other.

Embarrassed, you feel the blood rush to your head as
passing vehicles slow down to rubber neck. Scared,
you feel the warm yellow liquid flowing down your
legs. But why?

You didn?t run a red light or fail to stop at a stop
sign or cross over the solid yellow or white lines
or drive faster than the speed limit. So what did
you do wrong? Nothing, except you were born a ( fill
in the blank).
Congratulations! You have just been racially
profiled. Imagine that.

And that should be reason enough to strike the
identification laws in many states.

asking about tow pages

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