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A notable natural disaster that affected Chicago was the flash flooding that happened on October 14-15th, 2017. According to the National Weather Service, Chicago had record rainfall, roughly 18 hrs of rain making the date the wettest day and the two-day record totaling 4.39″ (US Department of Commerce & Noaa, 2018). The the amount of rain over the two days caused the Chicago River to overflow submerging parts of the Riverwalk. Surrounding suburbs were affected, Burr Ridge topping the list for receiving an average of 9.3″ between the two days.

Businesses along the Chicago River most likely had to close early and clean up debris and trash left from the flood waters. Home owners reports flooded basements, water damage to personal belonging stored in the basement, and even a reported building fire caused by lightning.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) is a planning organization agency that tackles issues like natural disasters “to help the seven counties and 284 communities of northeastern Illinois.” This agency analyzed the growing problem of urban flooding, because much of the efforts and strategies in the past have focused on the problems caused by river floods. Chicago’s strategy thus far has been to unlock the channels to allow overflowing waters in the river to flow into Lake Michigan. Agencies like CMAP, transportation policy analysts and architect firms seek review the city’s infrastructure that has largely been designed with the “100-year storm” standard that is showing it’s limitations. (Eitel, 2018)

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