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3 part assignment and each area 150 words


150 words


Based on the readings, discuss the roles and responsibility of protective social workers. What is the code of ethics they follow and how do they differ from other professional codes of ethics?


Further, critically analyze the correlation between empathy and ethics, and explain the significance of this relationship to the roles and responsibilities of human services practitioners.




150 words


As part of this unit’s readings, you have reviewed ethical standards for human services professionals and read the Johnny J. Case Study (pages 49–50) in At Risk Youth. For this discussion, imagine that the caseworker responsible for Johnny has retired and his case has now been added to your workload. You realize that Johnny’s sister is the daughter of your boss’s significant partner.


  • What is your role as the human services practitioner?
  • Are there ethical concerns with this case? Why or why not?
  • What can you ethically do to help Johnny, his mother, and his siblings?
  • In what way has the CPS failed Johnny and his mother?
  • What are the possible ramifications for his siblings?




150 words


Refer to the article on drugging children and the Web podcasts about discipline and corporal punishment. For this discussion, place yourself as the lead human services practitioner assigned to cases involving these issues. Discuss potential ethical concerns you may face during intervention. Which ethical standard(s) may help guide you through your concerns and why?

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