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Traditionally, there are three branches of methodology: quantitative (numeric data), qualitative (observational or interview data), and mixed methods (using both types of data).

The purpose of the Qualitative research method is to reveal a target audience’s range of behavior and the perceptions that drive it with reference to specific topics or issues. This analysis uses small groups of people vs larger groups to for the purposes of developing and establishing a hypotheses. When study is concluded the results are summarized in a manner that is descriptive.

This form of research was developed by both the social and behavioral sciences and includes “in depth interviews with individuals, group discussions (from two to ten participants is typical); diary and journal exercises; and in context observations” ( Because of the advancements of today, studies are conveniently conducted “in person, by telephone, via videoconferencing and via the Internet”( vs on site in most cases.

According to Research Qualitative Research is useful because it does the following (

·         Provides Several unique aspects of qualitative research contribute to rich, insightful results:

·         Creates Synergy among respondents, as they build on each other’s comments and ideas.

·         Improves the  dynamic nature of the interview or group discussion process, which engages respondents more actively than is possible in more structured survey.

·         Provides the opportunity to probe (“Help me understand why you feel that way”) enabling the researcher to reach beyond initial responses and rationales.

·         Provides opportunity to observe, record and interpret non verbal communication (i.e., body language, voice intonation) as part of a respondent’s feedback, which is valuable during interviews or discussions, and during analysis.

·         Provides the opportunity to engage respondents in “play” such as projective techniques and exercises, overcoming the self consciousness that can inhibit spontaneous reactions and comments

On the otherhand, the quantitative method of research focuses on “objective measurements and the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis” ( This is done through the collection of data that may be  collected through the use of  “polls, questionnaires, and surveys, or by manipulating pre existing statistical data using computational techniques” ( Unlike the Qualitative method. It analyzes  numerical data and compares it in a form that is more general when observing groups of people it uses the same approach to explain a particular phenomenon based on research.

The Mixed Methods simply includes the benefits of both methods and it has both Strengths and Challenges. Based on my research this method is useful because it enables the researcher to “meanfully interpret data and the topic that is being examined”( methods research#.WPvzg4WcFYc). It also equalizes the study of both qualitative and quantitative alike. It is mentioned that if the researcher properly uses this method for its advantages both the qualitative and quantitative method will began to mirror each other. However, the greatest challenges of this method includes taking the time to plan appropriately to conduct research! If this is not done correctly interpreting data can become extremely difficult. It is suggested that the utilization of this method “can be complicated and time intensive given that the data and interpretations are often abstract” (). Additionally, it is suggested that conducting this form of research requires “training and mastery of the methodology, so there can be a learning curve for researchers who traditionally use only quantitative or qualitative methods” (). The ability of the researcher to stick to the theory based and evidence based designs are attributed to the ability to understand and interpret data.

According to research the types of mixed method research includes the following ( methods research#.WPvzg4WcFYc):

·         The sequential explanatory method employs two different data collection time points; the quantitative data are collected first and the qualitative collected last.

·         The sequential exploratory design is best for testing emergent theory because both types of data are interpreted during the data integration phase.

·         The sequential transformative approach has no preference for sequencing of data collection and emphasizes theory.

·         Concurrent triangulation is the ideal method for cross validation studies and has only one point of data collection.

·         The concurrent nested design is best used to gain perspectives on understudied phenomena.

·         The concurrent transformative approach is theory driven and allows the researcher to examine phenomena on several different levels.

The use of the mixed methodology will be helpful for the purpose on my research proposal assignment because the program that I will be researching has been developed based on outcome based evaluation and the mixed methodology will be useful for allowing me to gauge the effectiveness of our programs.  I will be utilizing goal based and process based assessments which will encompass both the qualitative and quantitative styles of research. This methodology will determine the true amount of difference in the lives of people that the programs offer within the community. This will also allow management to see the results of the various programs that have been implemented.






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Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method

The qualitative method of research is characterized by the collection and analysis of textual data like surveys, interviews, focus groups, conversational analysis and observation (Olds, et al, 2005). The qualitative approach is more uncertain, studying behavior in natural environments using words, images and identify natural patterns and themes. It also generates new hypotheses and theories based on collected data, narrating reports with description, categories and exploration. The qualitative can refute any hypotheses.

            Quantitative research methods use statistical analysis for comparing, description and relating variables. It also uses numerical data, hypotheses testing, effect size and interval estimates. This is used to identify statistical relationships and generalized findings. It uses highly structured methods, such as surveys, questionnaires and observation. This can predict casual relationships; quantify variation, study design, statistical assumptions and conditions. This method is inflexible which helps with meaningful comparisons of responses across participants.

            The mixed research method on the other hand is deductive and inductive with multiple objectives and forms. It studies behavior in more than one context or condition. Uses numeric variables, words and images with a statistical and holistic approach. In depth narrative description and identification of overall themes are used as well. One major popular mixed method approach is the sequential explanatory strategy. This has the advantage of having multiple ways to explore a research problem. The mixed method can address problems of different levels, complement the strengths of single design and overcome the weaknesses as well.

            The method selected for my final project model would be the qualitative method. This goes into details and more in depth, with cost effectiveness, flexible times and locations, making interviews easier. It gives a clear picture of complex problems including how and what experiences about the project simply seeking to discover and understand the perspectives and views of people involved.





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