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Paper 1

In the handout, choose one question from each chapter, for a total of six questions.

  1. Write a short essay to answer each question you selected.  The essays are to be double spaced, and approximately a half to a full page in length each.  Many of the questions contain several parts, so make sure that you have answered all parts of the question, as well as done any drawings requested.






Chapter 4: Population and Community (Environmental Science)


  1. Describe how human actions, such as removing a predator or bringing in a new species, can impact other species in an ecosystem.
  2. In describing populations, where do the r and k come from?  What do they stand for? Explain how these strategies differ, using examples.




Chapter 5: Ecosystems: Energy, Patterns and Disturbance (Environmental Science)


  1. Create a diagram of a typical food web, labeling each of the different components.
  2. Identify and describe the biotic and abiotic factors in the biome in which you live.




Chapter 6: Wild Species and Biodiversity (Environmental Science)


  1. How does “instrumental” value differ from “intrinsic” value?  Give examples to support your answer.




Chapter 7: The Use and Restoration of Ecosystems (Environmental Science)


  1. What is meant by “ecosystem capital”?  Give examples to illustrate your ideas.
  2. Describe the concept of the “tragedy of the commons.”  Give examples to support your description.




Chapter 1: Biology and Worldviews (Biology)


  1. Think about some examples of worldview elements that are communicated by your culture.  How might you be influenced by them?




Chapter 2: God and His World (Biology)

Why do humans view nature as merely a resource to satisfy our wants and needs?  Are there biblical bases for this view?  Are there cultural bases

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